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i feel like he’s never going to love me. he has never loved me and i have loved him since 9th grade. i want to move on but i can’t. i fee like i should wait for him but what’s the point?
he has never loved me and he never will.

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Abha @abha

Hey. I feel this is the story for almost every second individual. Nothing breaks your heart more than unrequited love. I can feel your pain. I can completely relate to you. I loved this guy for about 4 years and for him i was just his “friend” even though there were times we did talk about things friends usually do not talk about. I lost myself in the process of loving him. The sole focus of my day was talking to him and waiting for him to reply to my texts. That ruined so many of my days. I wasted so many years on that one guy who i know would never love me. Slowly, i started getting over him, when i realised that i deserve better than this. That i was worth so much more. I don’t say that i am completely over him, i do like it when i get a text from him or something but i don’t wait on him anymore. I am more focused on myself and my life. More focused on improving myself.

Karishma @karishma0

Promise me today that - “I will not accept anything less than I deserve” and then try to move on from anyone or anything that is toxic for you.

Kishore @kishore

I may be harsh, but this is the truth. The moment somebody know that you are craving for him/her, be it love, or something else, there is a chance that people take it for granted. They cannot think that, you can change your thoughts towards them when they mistreat you(might not be a right word, but could not find alternative). Relationships nowadays are running on deals. Yes, it is true. People do expect certain things from you , if you are in relation with them or expecting one. If you are not getting anything from the relation, it will be your mistake to continue.


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