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Lia @leelia

I feel like everyone hates me when I’m being myself, when i dress like i want, when I speak my mind, when I’m just me. I really don’t know if it’s all in my head or if it’s really happening.
For example, today I dressed differently from how I usually do and when I went home my mom gave me a weird look and made a joke about it, it wasn’t that bad. But I went to my room crying, it really wasn’t anything mean. I just feel like when I’m being me I become the most sensitive person ever bc I’m so vulnerable and idk I feel like something changes but how do i know if it’s only in my head. I feel like it might just be that I’m insecure and expect people to hate me and think they do even when they don’t show it

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Hey Brother calm down…

It happened to me a lot

But the moral of the story - nerver stop being yourself

I repeat never,

Ya you will loose some people -

Morely the people who are fake

But you definately the people who are like minded and worthy

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Lia @leelia

Thanks for that, I took the clothes off bc I felt insecure after but now that you say this I might put them back on. It just hurt me although it wasn’t a big deal


never ever lay down ur self respect, self pride and yourself for the sake of any body

i repeat anybody

my personal experiece bro


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