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I feel like every time I try to express my feelings (mostly when I am low or in a bad mood), people around me tend to tell me that all that I do is drama and I should not behave in such a way.

Post anonymously?

Pouring out ourselves is not drama … It’s like we not giving up on ourselves… We don’t want our inner to boil with those thoughts… You be you no matter what
If they say so, don’t worry
Keep these 3 in mind


dont bother listening to them , just be yourself and try to find some good friend or relative around so they listen to you and if not create a dairy , write things that bother you or the feelings you want to let out , believe me it really helps.


I’ve experienced this so many times! People who tell you this are wrong. Expressing your feelings does not make you dramatic or asking for attention. Keeping things to yourself has now become something that’s expected of people. But that notion is wrong!


Hey, first of all, expressing your feelings is good. I know it’s difficult not to listen to those people. They are all around us. But be persuasive in your expression. Don’t hold back. Let people know that you’re words and emotions have worth, and you do not, in any absolute means, do drama. You should behave the way you want. Do not let them undermine you just because you express your emotions. You are not alone in this, I’m listening to you. 😃))