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I feel like crying rn and I am so frustrated at myself rn bec i just realised that all these people I’ve been w in my last few years of college( in my final year now) were all critical, negative, manipulative , toxic and hurtful. And being around people like that has effected me a lot. I have a v low self esteem and Confidence bec these people especially a girl, she constantly criticised and said bad things intentionally abt my work, my passion, she always had to debate w me. And then I try to prove her aghhh i hate it. I have been self loathing so much recently. I am so scared. Like fr. Of all these people. Even when I have cut them all now, maintaining a distance. I still am afraid now of meeting the wrong people like this again in the future and letting it affect me so much to the point I lose some part of myself. I feel so frustrated and helpless rn, literally want to go back home to mumma or smth.

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INFINITY @infinity0407

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anuj @anujvohra

Its good that you had maintained distance with negative people. Meet new people, dont be afraid of last experiences. In general, you will find decent people. Dont worry about past. Just work on your future.

Maruthi Raj E @merry_parro...

Calm down calm down for some time


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