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I feel like crying but I won’t because I made myself a promise to NOT think or care about him. So yh I’m doin great but it hurts sooo damn much… I can’t even cry when I need?
Nvm I won’t break my promise! Instead I’m typing yh I’m writing to get rid of my emotions! And it doesn’t help a bit but nvm

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Hey , you can’t make yourself not to care about someone , OF course you think about him and care , its all a part of life , right now you are very sad and dont know what to do , but trust me these moments will be your memories for your life , make sure you express your thoughts and feelings and not “promise to not think or care” . Live your life to fullest , do something more that makes you happy but at the same time wiser


U know I WANT to talk to him… in fact just hearing his voice will make me feel 10000 times better. But it won’t help, I can’t keep wanting him when he doesn’t give a damn about me or my feelings. But as long as he’s fine it’s ok… dang I’m so selfish for wanting him in my boring life. I hate myself for being sad over losing someone I can’t call “mine”
And I’ve tried to forget him but I just CANT 😞




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