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I feel like crying all the time

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Why what is wrong??
Would u please like to share
Whats in ur heart n mind???


I dont know, life is so heavy. And i dont have anyone to talk. I feel like i am nobody. I dont matter and i feel like shit. My parents they dont care and they ignore my lines on my wrists. My sisters are so busy with their on life. All my friends left. I have one friend but i cant tell her. I just, life is so meaningless.


So sorry for the way u feel.
U know in life
The strongest ppl always are alone…
We all have to ultimately deal with our own issues
Yes some lucky n fortunate ppl might get emotional support
N some maynot
But our own battle is ultimately our own…

Ur parents ur sisters
Trust me they are ur genuine well wishers
They love you
Care for u
But they too have their own life
Own problems
Things to deal with…


It is not at all bad to cry
But cry once n for all…
It will make u feel better
Once ur heart is light
All of it is vented out
Try to keep urself busy
N mind occupied
Try to follow ur hobbies
Do something that interests you
Pamper urself
Keep urself happy

Atleast u deserve ur affection n warmth…
Life may seem meaningless
But we all deserve to live for ourselves
N make it meaningful…

U are strong
Pls donot give up…
Keep trying…
God bless
Good luck

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? @dreaminz234


Same here. Hope you will be happy on day.


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