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I feel like confessing my love to my crush…we kinda had a rough past which was two years ago

But we are fine now…we talk to each other , but some parts of the conversation seem like he’s giving me hints, it would turn out amazing if he also has feelings toward me, but what if he just wants to be my friend

To find out , I need to tell him what I feel like, should I or should i not HELPPPPP HAGDHSJ😭

2 replies

I understand it is difficult to do so . . It’s better if you confess it(I know it is not easy as it seems. ). You will really feel at peace after letting things to get out of you .


If you want to I think you should confess to him and uf you don’t want it to be awkward or something like that you can just say it like hey i want to tell you something that’s on my mind i just wanna tell you this to clear thinks that going on my kind and it will not make anything awkward and i will respect your decision and we can continue to be friends


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