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I feel like burning things which were given by my ex, but something is holding me back,
What shall I do?


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burn them, it’s the best you can do


It won’t help if you try to move on…& you are not moving on from that person you are just moving on from your past version…you will move on without even realizing…but it will start happening right from you accept this fact & it doesn’t mean that you won’t get reminded…it’s however good & bad your important life experiences will stay with you…
When you remember you’ll cry & that’s okay cause this is saying someone who did this a while & now fine…then accidentally found this nice website on twitter
It does happen to me as well & I am moving with my life as well
Memories comes & goes
Don’t try too hard it doesn’t help


Thank you


Get into casual things and enjoy the life


Why will you burn valuable things. I will suggest don’t burn valuable things. Use them properly. They are your property now. Enjoy it as a perk