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I feel like any day now I’m going to break… I feel like something i want to feel pain on the outside so I can forget the pain that’s inside of me.

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hey najelle!!

just read your thoughts. I don’t know much about what are you facing inside and the pain but all i can say is that taking the pain physically won’t revive your inner side thoughts, at last you will get what you didn’t needed and it came unnecessarily. Everyone is having some pain in their life which is not bearable easily but you can’t resist that. Simply move in whatever positive direction you are leading to. Time will heal or you yourself will come out from it one day. Don’t give up your hope my friend.


you have a point thank you


You are so like me…At times there used to be this intense heaviness and pain in my heart that was worse than a stab…I wondered if a stab could be painful enough to withdraw my attention from the pain inside me.
I have been in your place. But for me I didn’t know platforms like this existed. I wanted to share with someone the problems I was facing but had no one to share so I would talk to random strangers online…and that would make me feel better…When we are in problem we it feels as if I wish I could just far away to a place where not even the problems could reach me…to become unknown to all the pain…but remember always that every time you will overcome this pain, these problems, this emptiness…it will make you strong…and good times are just around the corner.
Hang in there…and be strong.


There’s this story called “The boy who fed on nightmares”.It’s a short story. Do give it a read. It’s beautiful


I read it and i completely relate to it


it really was a beautiful story


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