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I feel like all things are falling apart… they’ve been acting weird… all my friends have started hanging out by themselves and I honestly have no one to talk to when I need to… they find for everyone but me.

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Hi there. I know this feeling. This loneliness causes also a feeling of not being part of something, which is an illusion. It is always a good choice to focus on activities that bring you comfort and delight, specially in this moment. Meditation also is good to understand yourself and the world around you. People, friends and we change in time and this changes bring us new opportunities. At some point you will feel part of something again and you will exchange experiences with people, it may be with your friends or also new friends that life will bring you. In the meantime, discover new things and take this situation as an opportunity for introspection and self-knowledge, that is always a beautiful thing. You certainly have qualities and so you can focus also on them.
Thank you so much for sharing.
Have a good week.


its too obvious feeling i kinda face everyday not even just with my friends but even anyone i know


Its okay. Everything is going to be alright. All those friends, you don’t need them they are TOXIC. You will get many better friends. No matter how long just give it a try and start to believe that you will find better friends and everything is for the better. There is always something better waiting for you. YOU MATTER!! :)


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