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I feel it can be so difficult to make real and good friends nowadays…from what I recall when I was a kid, a teen, an younger adult, etc - things seemed to kind of just happen in that aspect but it seems that now people are changing and becoming more insular [this seems to be a global trend]. I see children and teens right now struggling a lot with lack of friendships and some sort of loneliness - so I can see it affects everyone nowadays.
Any thoughts on that?
I’m also aware that it can be harder on your 30’s and as you get older because most people only hang out with parents of other children who play with their children, etc but this is not what I’m referring to; I’m talking about real and meaningful friendships. I heard lots of advice like ‘join a gym’, ‘go online’, ‘join a social club, a meet up, find a common interest’, etc. Still not super simple when done it in reality and most of the people you meet will be acquaintances at best but not real friends.
I’m in London right now and in here people are particularly hard to connect with.

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i feel this, i feel like there are so little good friends, they just want to take advantage but they dont truly care

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Also that can be true. I had experiences in which I felt I was surrounded by dozens of friends but a few years later it seems like they were not really good friends that last but people that were close at a certain point in their lives - potentially because they needed something.


it makes me sad that you cant trust people, for me my whole life there has been someone out to get me, and they always got what they wanted and hurt me. i just dont know how to protect myself from it without loosing friendships that can be real

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It is a challenge to be open to whoever can surprise you and become a friend for life because you will always be scared of suffering again. I hear you. The thing is that ‘no man is an island’ and we all need each other to be happy.


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