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I feel i m acting fake in my life,reason being i act very rude in front of closed ones like family member parents.

At the same time i act so well in front of friends and colleagues, is it just because i want to perceived good in front of them, and now I don’t value my closed ones and i act irritated to them all the time.

Does it happen to anyone of you??

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Dont worry …it’s same for me.
Everyone have different faces.
And it’s completely okay.
But if u could try to be happy with Everyone. Talk with family members too…when u start knowing them all better and more clear ,you will change…i meant u can change upto them .
Have a nice day🙂❤


Do you think, having enough healthy distance with family helps at certain point of time, like I am definitely attached to my family,but i guess spending too much time sometimes causes this.

Cause if I don’t meet them for long, i just fee missing out on something

Ciya @itsmeearthling

Yes da.
Its all because of our life situations…
Familes are different,Sometimes we won’t fit fully.but we have to…
We can’t avoid them…have to be attached…but v can also keep a Distance,it depends frm person to person. Be you …the real you.
Behave like what you like to be.
If you Understand people around you,act accordingly ,without changing your inner soul …it’s far better !

Ciya @itsmeearthling

Having a healthy distance is okay mahn ! If v r with them for a lot of time…it’s our comfort Zone …v won’t grow…so v will find happy with frnds…coz it’s somewhat Exciting for us…more than comfort …it’s something interesting.

For every Relationship ,what we need is interest !


Ugh So true.
Even I am not good with families but I am good with friends.
like I will fight and shout at home but in front of friends (Except very close friends) or strangers I don’t.


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