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I feel I am very unlucky when it comes to friendship and now I’m very tired of being so protective of my friends that I’m starting to feel suffocated by it .
I’ve always somehow tried my best to hold a friendship but as soon as some other person comes , they shift towards them and this connection automatically goes weaker and then we ultimately stop talking . It happened so I started feeling bad about the third person coming between us , and somehow because of this I held too strong towards my friend that I may be now stopping them from connecting with other people because of my own insecurities and past issues . I feel bad , I tried to improve this thing and now my friend has 10s of other friends (I don’t really feel a problem in this) but they start treating them the way they used to treat you that’s where the problem arises . I will definitely not feel good when my friend is treating 10s of their other friends the same way they treat me.
I don’t know where , but I am just stuck feeling frustrated and helpless and friendless because my friends have 10s of other friends Idk

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You are thinking too much, it’s very common to treat all your friends the same. Nowadays there are no chaddy buddy friendships. Socialise with people and that’s all. There is only person in this world whose emotional support you can seek that’s your parent and spouse later on


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