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I feel hopeless.
I feel worthless.

My parents calls me an idiot for not passing any interviews.

They said that I don’t help them because I can’t give them money and I’m still jobless during this fucking pandemic.

My parents think that I’ll be just a maid in the future and My older sister and younger brother thinks I’ll be a hooker.

I actually have a dream, I want to be a performer. I want to have my album and solo concerts.

I just can’t say that to anyone because they’ll laugh at me and call me as assuming and wannabe. Is it because I’m not beautiful and have a tan color?

They’re not proud of me. They think I’m a loser.

I hope I had a better family.

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Hey, first of all if they think or say like that then they’re not good people. And if you give up on your dream thinking about what your brother or parents will think, then think this too that they’re not always going to be with you, their opinions are not going to matter after a while. Just follow your dream and im sure if you suceed in it, they’re going to be proud of you, no matter what you do. Parents just want to see their children excel.


Thank you! Please be safe 🙂

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Simran @st1199

This pandemic has taken a toll on everybody. Sometimes it gets frustrating for you and your parents as well. It is not that they actually feel this way for you, but because the situation has made them feel this way. Also, if you are still in search of a job, “LinkedIn” is a good platform.
After a while when everything gets under control, talk to them (who will understand you the most) and tell them how you felt and what you actually want to pursue in life and you have set a goal for yourself.

Never get a validation from someone for who you are and what you are. You should feel confident about how you look, your body and the skin colour. Somethings are god gifted and somethings can be done better but only if you wish to do it for yourself. So, get up and say to yourself that I’ll not let anyone’s opinions effect me and I’ll prove it to them.

We can try to change what is in our hand. If we put in our best then we do get our desired result even though we still don’t get that thing but then god has saved something else for us and we have to work towards that.


Thank you! I appreciate it 🙂 Please Stay Safe!

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Simran @st1199

You and you family too :)

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Ana Banach @johnthejohn

Dear ell,
Those idiots are just putrid jealous. Anyone who thinks like that deserves to be burned alive. Except don’t do that <3. Half of the world lost their jobs do to this troublesome virus.

You’ll get a job soon. You can rub it in their faces. Also, if your siblings think you’ll be a hooker, they think you’re hot.


Best of luck!


Thank you! Stay Safe! 🙂


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