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i feel frustrated, rather angry. i feel uncomfortable within.
those who i cared about turned their backs on me.
i know, it might be me who is toxic but i can’t help but feel myself on the verge of tears.
my friend who i cared so much about, who i loved with all my heart now has people they’d rather be with than me.
i know it’s fine, having friends beside me, its okay. but when they start forgetting you, that’s when it hurts the most.

whenever i wanted to hang out with them, all i ever heard was a no, directly or not.
but now that they’ve found their people, all they have is time.
they go places with them, have fun with them, forgetting i ever existed.
i gave them my everything, so, why couldn’t they stay? we never talk anymore.
it hurts so much. i want to move on, find people who will never treat me this way.
but i can’t, there’s no one i can truly call my own.

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i know how u feel. im sorry. pray ❀ much love, good luck


honestly i feel the same I also want someone i can call my own and someone who would treat me right, listen to me and stuff


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