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I feel exhausted…My BF’s female friend began talking after 2 months,the time in which we became friends and turned out to a couple…But i dont feel good and i just feel jealous and angry when this friend of his puts status for him,as they were very much close before(more like lovers as she used to share everything with him …even the deepest things in her relationship)…She has said to him that she misses him and the reply to her was a luv u from him…My BF tells me everything about her and all this i know is from him.But he also makes me jealous knowingly but telling her name and the moments with her…i luv him but i also think of leaving him for her as she seemingly try to not talk to him telling that i would feel bad…He says that he wud tell everything ro me about her and asks y do i fight for such silly things …He says that she’s just a friend and also dat he feels a connection towards her so that he cant forget her…Few months before she faught and left him as he started to talk to me and used to make her jealous using my name…it was then we became friends and further more …But now i feel that i can’t handle it anymore…We had a fight today also…actually i dont want to lose him but also i feel exhausted…i’m confused😔…Some one pls help…

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Talk to him about this whole situation and the way you are feeling right now.
Discussion with him will let you understand this point too, then you will be able to know his true feelings and its natural to get jealous in a relationship but you need to make sure that its just jealousy and there is nothing to worry about this so just confront him and simply ask about that friend of his and try to explain your feeling


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