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I feel exhausted, I feel like giving up but at the same time, I don’t want to. The heaviness in my heart just gets heavier as I keep feeling sad. I mean I am not diagnosed by a doctor but I think it is very obvious that I have depression, I have been feeling so sad for years that I don’t even feel a thing. But if you are curious, it’s been going on since 2016…sometimes I feel like that’s a lot for a teenager to handle alone but what can I do. I’m getting so tired tho, I’m used to it but it was easier to handle it back in middle school because it just left like a little wave passing but and leaving as fast as it came. Now it’s harder because it comes stronger and doesn’t leave right away, it gets bad to the point that I self-harm.

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Hey, sounds like your having a hard time. We all feel weak sometimes sounds like there is a lot of stuff your holding onto that is pulling your thoughts to the negative. This world responds to the thoughts and feelings we have if we focus on that which brings us down the world brings more of it to us. Take a deep breath and ask your true self your inner being is this what I really really want. Then ask your inner self what you do want. Then no matter how small a step it is take a step towards your desires even if it’s as simple and just noticing and calling out and correcting negative thought patterns. We are here to experience this world and it was not designed to be miserable all the time. We can have exceeding joy if we listen to our true selves. With Love a Friend.

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