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I feel disposable to the people around me. I am unable to hang out with everyone all the time since I have more restrictions then them, but it looks like they have more fun when I am not around. I was dating someone in this group and in many instances I was referred to as the girlfriend instead of my name. I broke up with them recently even though I still like them but I was not happy because of the way people would treat me differently when we started dating. Now that I broke up with them I feel like they don’t like me anymore but are putting up with me. I feel like this is all in my head since I have jumped to many friends groups over the years because I would feel like these friends didn’t care about me like they did with the others. I don’t know what to do anymore. I don’t know how to act like everything is fine and pretend I don’t feel like this but now that I’m barely talking to them I still feel like they don’t realize that I’m disappearing.

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It’s okay if you are feeling this way. It’s important to recognize how people make you feel and then completely okay to move past them when they are this shitty. Be brave to take action on your thoughts. You will definitely meet better individuals.


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