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I feel completely alone. I feel like I’ll never be good enough for anybody no matter how hard I try. I’m so ready to give up…

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You’ll never be happy with that kind of mindset- we CAN’T please everybody. Love yourself first, that’s what it takes to be happy. And if people leave you, let them go. Always remember that right people will stay in your life. Don’t give up in yourself. Love yourself by taking care of it, do your hobbies, learn new things for self improvement. By loving yourself first, then eventually loving others (those deserving) and always praying to God, you’ll be fine.


Giving up will not lead you anywhere in life. It’s a hard time, face it. This time will also pass. These problems will be solved one day. You’r life will not be same as it is right now. Just think that God is testing you, if you can fightback in this phase, you will grow and become even more stronger than you are now.
Start from the little things you can change in your day to day life to make you feel better about life and YOURSELF.

You posting here is a sign that you have not give up until now. You want to do something about your life, your feelings, your environment…
You want change but The thing is that, these changes will not occur by themselves or not by any miracle.

You, You are the only person who can change your life.
Start from small, learn how to deal with loneliness or do something that you don’t feel lonely at the first place.
Don’t try to please anyone It’s not your duty. Also how hard we try we cannot please each and everyone in our life. The people who are not your well wisher just slowly push them away from your life. They are not enough of your attention.

Posting here is a good start. Tell us more what’s happening with you, how you are felling now. I would like to here more from you…

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Hey…Ollie…hope you doing well.☺️☺️☺️☺️

in this fake world ,who does not have problems! Many people are sad and alone but they try to look happy in front of everyone …so u have to act like u are happy …slowly slowly this alone thing won’t bother you… and stop try hard you don’t have to impress any one.God loves u remember that so are your parents…
In this selfish world only your parents truly care for u not any one else…no body really cares.
Sometimes I also felt low that I wasnt good enough. But I don’t tell people .I don’t try hard not any more
if u want to achieve somthing then just don’t glue to ur bed, get up and exercise .or any physical activity …

I started doing meditation and yoga daily …it works wonder…for me … I feel mentally & physically stable now…
…spread happiness .god bless you.🌻🌻


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