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anonymous953 @beyourself95...

I feel bad because today I had a spat with my parents the reason would be quite funny maybe for others. Actually next month we are going on a vacation to Goa, my parents and me.
So I demanded to wear denim shorts on beaches . They have never let me wore shorts outdoors. Though I wanted to bcz all my friends actually wear shorts an stuff but I never ever demanded to wear one . But now when I want to only the vacation , they are completely denying. At one point of time me ," my mom said that I feel guilty that I let u wear them even indoors but u are not worth providing any sort of modernity in life .,U are spoiled." Now the thing is I not getting over this . Even after this I still want to wear shorts . I don’t know if I am wrong or right if I think this way

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anuj @anujvohra

It’s okay to think it that way…surely you will be able to wear anything which you feel should be okay…discuss with parents…may be they will turn around…and enjoy your goa trip😊

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Tan3 @tanu_shree

I’m from a very conservative family so I can understand what happened over here
Stay strong

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anonymous953 @beyourself95...

Wait firstly ,it has nothing to do with feminism Bcz it is not like they deny me from wearing them coz am a girl. Even my brother is not allowed to wear shorts or wear clothes above knees. And ofc I am not denying the fact that I am the most luckiest girl on this planet to actually visit Goa. But thinking that we are grateful on doing something doesn’t stop us from wearing what we actually want to . We just can’t live in blackwhole and should stop listening to our inner gut. Bro just listen to me just never ever write something just for the sake that u want to ok . Just don’t be so dumb to analyse things badly . It is like ur basically telling me to not voice bcz u think that I should be grateful and voiceless or opinionless.


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