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Sophie @sophiehope

I feel as though I miss the feeling of being alive and being spontaneous. I can’t get that back and I won’t for awhile. I am sad about that but also what do I expect. I always do this to myself. I want to feel loved. I miss feeling alive and needed. Why does my life feel this way. I don’t deserve this not one bit. I haven’t killed anyone I haven’t cheated I haven’t done anything wrong. But yet my life still is giving me consequences. Maybe it was my little sins that are haunting me. The little lies, the rude remarks I have said in the past. If I must be punished for them now then I guess I need to feel this pain.

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Naman Mittal @mannwrites


Being in the same zone,i can relate to what you express. The only thing that can be done(which I’m doing)is let it go with the flow,everything has an expiry and this phase will also expire. Believe that! Keep smiling,keep loving❀


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