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I feel alone… I have always feel alone. I can’t remember the time when I felt free without walking on eggshells. My relationship is horrible. Well, in my eyes and how I feel it is. Been depressed in the past but now I don’t even know how depression feels like. Seems that it’s a normal thing now for me. Could that even happen? Just not happy… again…

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I know how you feel. I was in a relationship like that too. I was so alone. It’s hard.


Hi, why are you still in that relationship if it’s horrible?


No you can come out of shitty situations you just have to be resistant enough, almost 6 months ago I had a problem to masturbate and that problem was permanent until I tried to make it temporary and finally quit. And if you are in a relationship and still feels alone there is no meaning of relationship it feel like being single being alone. Eat good take a better sleep talk to people.


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