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I feel alone after evening. Throughout the day I am busy in my studying and personal chores. But as night advances I feel alone. I live with my parents still I do feel so. Even if I go out for a walk when I come back I really want to be somewhere out. In the night I want to be with friends or idk somewhere where I belong to a group and am having fun. I don’t want to be in home. I am fed up of being in home.

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Hey! It’s the same for me. But look every night cannot be like hanging out with friends or a group for us. That is all in tv shows and movies.
It’s our choice to feel happy while we’re alone or sad when we’re alone. It’s the difference between living in solitude and being alone.
I can feel what you’re saying, I have the same situation and yes, somedays are when I also feel lonely but that’s how everyone around us does. No one is always with another person. There will always be a time when you feel lonely and you’ve no one… Even if your life gets to be perfect.
Embrace what you have.


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