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I feel a little bit better than usual, but overall, I feel bad. it’s a little hard to explain…

so, whenever I have school, I usually feel ok, but I’m just forcing myself to feel as good as I can. I just don’t want my mom or sister to worry about me. I’m just sad a lot…

I guess I’ve had enough of this…
my life has reached a point where I just don’t even know what to do. well, other than hide behind a mask and hope nobody gets through. I’m trying to get over my fear of talking to people about my problems, but it’s very hard when I’m always scared of causing people problems

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No need to be sad not everyone one can feel good at facing people . You can the one with whom u can be open and share ur problems but it takes time to find the right one . Improve some talent in u make ur self proved . If u want to share something but u have no one use these kinds of platform or maintain a diary . U are nothing less than anyone. Every one will have some kind of problem . Find out which ur interested in and develop that skill


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