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Sonu @sonu2222

I feel a bit stuck up in my life right now, i am a working girl from 6 years have done quite well, but donot really have passion for the job i purse. Always struggle to confidentiality stand on my decisions, my family makes me feel bad about myself and the choices i want. They always judge you and so i always hesitate to share my true feelings. I wanted to be an actor but never had the right guidance or motivation, also didnt shared with anyone cz they will judge me and then constantly burden me with their opinion. Today when i am 31 i still feel i can purse it, but have no one for guidance or direction. Since i have realized all this i am trying to make my own decisions. And so i am also looking out for my guy for marriage purpose but these all things are making me feel so stuck and helpless because i literally have no one to trust or get guidance or motivation.

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Did you discuss this with your guy you looking to get married with ???

Sonu @sonu2222


Not yet, but I feel scared sometimes, also confused what should i focus at this point, i want to get married but dont want to quit on my dreams


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