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I fall in love easily and I end up getting hurt for it. I lost a friend just because I confessed to them. Any tips…?

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Ohk have u taken time for confessing…
How was the behaviour of Ur firend with u…
Means both of u share all the things with each other


Then he/she is not your friend. If a confession can easily ruin your friendship then they haven’t been a true friend to you at all. A true friend won’t leave you just because you confessed to them. Don’t stress over it, they don’t deserve you at all. 🤍


I suggest that before making the first move try to see their body language and see if their into you if not then move on, think of it in a positive light this means you’ll quickly move onto another love interest and maybe that might be the one. but srsly I would get uncomfortable too if my friend just randomly confessed to me. try flirting a little first to see their reaction too.


That happened to me
I learnt to focus on myself then deleted h from my life


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