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i dreamt of my grandfather dying while i was sleeping on a bus. he died 4 years later due to pneumonia. i cried for very long when we first witnessed the severity of his dementia. he suffered in agony due to his multiple illnesses. every morning he would moan in pain from his broken back. i cried so much that i didn’t cry at all when he died. in fact I was happy that his suffering had ended. i was the only one in the family who saw his death liberating. i was glad he was in peace once again. people think i am an asshole for not crying in his funeral but i did cry, just not that day. i cried for years before that and i had no tears left to cry. nowadays i keep thinking about him and that gives me immense nostalgia. i miss my grandpa.

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It’s alright if you didn’t cry during his funeral .you being happiness is justified and you are not an asshole . I hope your grandpa rests in peace


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