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I doubt if I would’ve continued with my degree if it wasn’t as inexpensive as it is. I don’t think I’ve learnt anything new or interesting over time. Yes, perhaps more maturity in terms of the way I’ve interacted with more people and learnt their ways and behaviour. But it just makes me wonder how we give so little a thought to the next step in our life for the sake of just doing something. But I guess right after high school, only few know their calling and that sort of just makes things worse because it means that the education system has been unable to give a more pragmatic approach to learning which can later on serve as a path finder. Instead we just focus on rote learning and obtaining marks, without any thrust on gaining any actual knowledge. I haven’t even made friends in college that will last after college, let alone a lifetime. All in all, it’s been a poor experience mentally, emotionally but thankfully not financially.

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How very true and so so relatable.


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