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I don’t why marriage is a huge thing in India specially for girls !!! I am just 19 and my parents are talking about my marriage …like my elder sister got married at 22 and she was engaged at 20 so they are planning same thing for me … I am not interested in marriage or any kind of relationships I don’t believe in them but nowadays like while I am making serious decisions about my career like I want to leave India and settle in
Amsterdam I have everything planned but like my parents are thinking about my marriage even I started thinking about it … I never thought of it … My parents gave me 2 years to explore everything they asked me to do whatever I want in 2 years maximum 3 …after that they want me to be married …ik I have to 2 to 3 years to change their mind but it impossible to do that … I want to be the change like I don’t want my younger sisters to be like my elder one neither I want to be … she had a dream to be a fashion designer and complete her CA but her in-laws and her husband didn’t allowed her now she is just a housewife doing all the household chores she hates !!!

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kabir ghangas @kabir_ghang...

I don’t think so marrying so young is a good idea…though marrying in itself is not a bad thing…rather having a supportive partner is a grab. don’t rush into anything…take your time and definitely do not give up to your parents fear, empower yourself mentally, emotionally and also financially…the decision will be much clearer then. and in due time your parents will maybe understand…but do not give up, no, don’t…do what your heart says:)


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