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I don’t why but sometimes I feel an urge to text my ex … I just want to know what went wrong and if he was sincere for even once because he never told me the reason he just said it’s not my fault and he just can’t date anyone right now . And almost 5 months after our breakup,while I was able to sort of forget him he texted me on my bd wishing me happy birthday….I just don’t know what to do …

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Ananya @unanimouslyours

Then how should I stop myself thinking about him and the urge to text him ?

Sanket @sanket

Text him, manage some time and get answers. This will bring some peace to you

Ananya @unanimouslyours

What should I text him

Sanket @sanket

He had texted you right? Take it from there, first ask him if he needs help or something
Then ask about his whereabouts
Perhaps figure out if you guys can have a conversation then and there, if not ask for his time
And then get your answers
Remember politely and softly

Ananya @unanimouslyours

Actually it’s been a awhile since he has texted but I’ll try to do as per your advice

Ananya @unanimouslyours

Thanks for your advice though

Sanket @sanket

Then go and approach, visit his social media, if there is any post from which you can start conversation
Or some old memory
Look for a reason

Ananya @unanimouslyours

Ohk thanks for your advice


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