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I don’t want to mean but how u find books like “As a Man Thinketh”, “Good Vibes, Good Life” , “Power of Subconscious Mind” relatable and easy to understand. I bought these books 1 year ago and I am not able to complete single on of them. It not like i don’t read book at all. I have completed Novels like Harry Potter.

But while reading motivational book i feel like the writer is telling too much about his life ( how his life was, what he have become now, how he earned money like stuff) and i am unable to relate him/her in any manner. What’s wrong with me?

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Swotter @kskarthik

Nothing wrong with you. I once kew a guy who discarded a very famous self help book. I think this happens when your self awareness is quite high or maturity level and general confidence are high. Like everyone need not like you or you like every one you come in contact with. Similarly every book need not impress everyone. Love❤️


Hey, was searching for it on Amazon…is the book with around 100 pages only? Read some reviews saying it’s not the real one? Let me know I’m interested in reading it…


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