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I dont want to forgive or forget…I want the people who’ve done me wrong to be miserable just like they made me…I want my life back…the one they’ve taken from me and did not deserve…but stole it away from me. Im so angry and I want to die…but I want them to feel the same…I dont want to be the loser anymore…im tired of dealing with the aftermath of all the dealings of what theyve done…physically, mentally and emotionally. I want them to feel just the one…why are the people whove done me wrong…those abusive, manipulative, backstabbing fuckwads…why are they happier than me? I’ll never get the things I want… And that is starting to include revenge…I hate them for taking away my happiness.

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I think everyone has to go through all this in life at some point in life & holding grudges against anyone will only hurt you. I am not telling you to forgive them but to think that you have learnt a lesson that which kind of people you should avoid. Start meditation to calm down your mind otherwise it will take a tole of your mental health.

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Avi @avi

Hey Anonymous,
I can somehow relate to what you feel right now, maybe not exactly, but somehow.
A so-called friend of mine back in college who was also my roommate in the hostel, stole all my friends, my circle, everything from me (and I even suspect that he stole money from me too).
It was the 2nd semester in college, and I started feeling depressed, there was no one to eat with, sit with, or anyone to talk with. I so wanted to take revenge but wouldn’t that have made him and me similar?
Take a deep breath, wake up early in the morning, meditate for a small duration, make your favorite breakfast (the one that makes you feel full and fluffy :p), and do something that makes you happy. Can be anything… Maybe going outside for a walk, reading a book, listening to your playlist (that one particular song <3), shopping, or eating again?
Call it your day off!

Things that are done, cannot be reversed. But our future, our next moment is in our hands. Make that best!! (and remember, Karma is a bi#%&h, the one who has done wrong with you will get the taste of it back).
Much Love and happiness to you :)


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