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vashali yadav @bleebluuble...

i dont want to feel what I’m feeling… i feel so sad… and because it’s repetitive… i feel move sad that I’m so helpless that I’ve done nothing about it…
always wanted help from outsiders…
still am here…
i dont know what to do… i am an emotional fool and an overthinker… I’m shitty… I’m so done with everything now… don’t wanna call it depression… but it is something that doesn’t leave me alone when I’m alone… lol…
I’m not that bad tho…just want my right kind of people/aura to help me be alright.

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Zealous @aidinghearts

Stop having negative self talk my friend, you are better than many, indeed you may share if u feel comfortable to do so.

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Deepak Kumar @deep8634

Control on your overthinking…and never think about everyone…just think about yourself…
If once you start think about yourself and ignore the person who ignored you…
You be automatically staying hapy

vashali yadav @bleebluuble...

how to controllllll

vashali yadav @bleebluuble...

i so wanna do that

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Deepak Kumar @deep8634

Ignore that people who ignored you…and try to be happy

Saurabh Kumar @aesthete131...

App not working at all, can we connect on it ??

Kobe Brayant @naughtykk

Love you

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pratyush @pratyush_sahi

I think you just need time and need to be relaxed, and yess no one can help you in this, it’s just you that can help yourself


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