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I don’t want to do this anymore. I don’t want to keep waking up to my mother looking at me with disgust and Iive knowing that while I’m here I can’t freely be who I am…I’m gay, I’m not doing it to fit in, it’s not a trend, not anything except what I am. I don’t want to keep dealing with my father discouraging or downing me every time I attempt a conversation with him. Tired of being scared and having constant anxiety in what’s supposed to be home. So tired of feeling alone, the one person who didn’t run from me and my never ending list of problems I’m no longer able to see…she’s what kept me sane…what held me together I miss her so much. I hate life sm

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Priyansh Garg @priyansh98

Brother just hold tight this though time surely pass soon. And you will see a bright clear sky. You will remeber these days of struggle and feel proud that you didn’t gave up. Don’t become a trend but a inspiration .


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