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I don’t want to continue the relationship anymore. Previously he had a very bad heartbreak. I really don’t want to hurt him again. But it’s not working. The relationship is making me insecure and anxious. Is this normal to feel anxious in a relationship? What should I do? Can I do something without hurting him?

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Hope @cureplace

Its normal. If you think its not working, you have to take a step forward in the right direction. Keeping yourself as priority not the other person, because you matter the most.

Else you will always be afraid, as you are now.

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THAT'S ALL @thatsall

Try keeping a distance for him for sometime or take a break from the realationship if you feel good after it and you want to continue being with him then you really needed some space and not a break up…

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Sanjeev Kapoor @time_trave...

See we know our partner 5-10% before purposal and post purposal i will say 60-70% only. So the time when u came into this relationship then u were not aware about him nor he was aware abt you. And now when quantum is more and your chemistry is not as you are expecting then its better to move on. Nothing wrong in this. It will give learning to both of you. Noone dies for anyone.


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