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I don’t want to be alive right now. I’m not actively suicidal or a danger to anyone, I just wanted to be able to say this and get it off of my chest even if no one reads it. I haven’t been able to tell anyone how much I hate existing and how much I constantly wish I were sleeping somewhere far away. It feels like I’m constantly drowning and it’s tiring to constantly feel obligated to fix myself and hurry and get better. I just wanted to write out my feelings for once, I don’t need solutions right now thanks

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Okay I’m not going to say anything…but listen I’m here for you and i mean it…so whenever you feel like to say everything I’m right here… I don’t know i can solve your situation scenario or not…but i promise to be the best listener…take care of yourself


imagine if dinosaurs were alive, then we would call them livenosaurs today


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