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Lady bee @ladybee

I dont understand why we as women accept the shitty attitude
.the shitty vibes that our men give us…we always feeling sad…but we continue to stay and take the shit…why because we love them so much and when we try to leave our hearts break or even shattered. Once we feel like we can do it we run back begging to stay…why do we go through this hurt…how do we get out of abuse relationship when it’s easier said then done… there’s a song and the lyrics goes something like this “what is love suppose to feel like…”

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Lady bee @ladybee

Thank you, but I understand what u are trying to say


just know that you deserve to be happy and it’s about your own happiness… no one has the right to judge you… So don’t think why we as a woman just think about “why must I”… (I know its easier said than done :( )

Lady bee @ladybee

I know…when I know what I should do and want to do…it hurts soo much …I feel so useless and that ain’t me.i feel so broken down that I feel so manipulated…I don’t understand why I have given a man sooo much power over me…as much as I try to stand up for myself I get trashed down…but when things are greet. Omg life is amazing and sadly it only last for a short period of time


You are right. They treat women like their toys. They blame everything on women like women know nothing to do. Men never appreciate women. They can hurt our feelings and emotions but we can’t do what we want. Who gave them right to boss us.


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