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Lamoriya @shristi_sadasam

I dont understand why people cant hear things about religion,is it because the place of god is so shallow in such people and hence they get disturbed when thrown criticism on it or it is it that they have willfully chosen a casket in hope/anticipation of adding to god(my next post is about it only)and which is now denying them even a mindful thing.bro!first,it is about religion and not god(because god is personal/within you and he/she is going to stay there even if there is no religion)and second,even if its about god,you shouldnt get disturbed even a bit(because god is within you,not in those texts/preachings/ceremonies and that should be your only concern and you should be at ease knowing that nobody can harm that).
Note:if god is not assisting you towards mindfulness,it is not god,it is merely cloudiness of your mind.

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