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I don’t understand one thing which happened this Sunday.
I had my first PTM on Sunday and I will be giving entrance exam next year. My chem sir told that I’m a good student but I always look absent in class( not physically but mentally). My mom asked what I can do to not look so he told " To go and meet doctor".
I mean yeah I do sometimes go blank or go daydreaming during lecture and I kinda have anxiety too but I never thought this was this serious to go and meet a doctor.
And now I don’t even know what is happening to me and inside my brain and what am I supposed to do.

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Urvisha Singh @ishasharma


It’s okay to see a psychologist you know I think every person should talk to a psychologist because you can share everything which you can’t do with anyone.
That’s why I think it’s good for your mental health.


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