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No one 111 @jarul

I don’t think that this is the forum for a discussion which isn’t in real time, but let’s dive right in, isn’t it the duty of an elected political party, a majority so to speak, sitting at the State, to ensure that every human being living within national borders has the access and tools to acquire and generate jobs? Isn’t universal healthcare, education, access to nutrition, a happiness meter, access to clean water and a just if not equal resource distribution the job of an ELECTED government? They were chosen, they aren’t an autocracy. All of these are the only jobs they have to fulfill. You and I as Individuals at a micro micro level cannot so much as make waves in an ocean that’s already in the middle of a 3 week tsunami in a winter port, with a little hurricane and lightening. Individuals need to be governed and directed but not expected to actually make real change without real government policy. Unemployment has been at its worst in the last 3 years. The worst and we provide 35%to the world economy.

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