I don’t think I’ve been a very nice child. I’ve been spoilt, but with the intention of loving. I’ve been always given what I wanted, and more even. Sometimes I don’t think I’m justifying my parents’ love for me. I work very hard, I’m successful academically and it makes them happy, but I’m not very expressive when it comes to showing others that you love them. It hurts them, and it hurts me too.

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No one 111 @jarul

It’s ok, the world has enough mushy people. My mum always says “spoilt” is just ghetto for “brought up with love and wealth”. Hard people are the most successful in their careers, so that bed of money will keep you warm at night. Then you can buy people who don’t need validation from you.

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What is the best feeling you ever had with him/her??🤗
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