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I don’t think I have friends whom I can trust blindly. I don’t have a good social circle and I feel that’s something which is very important in one’s life. Hanging out with the right people who help you flourish.

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Bani Singh @banisinghvasir

It took me a long time too to figure out who my closest circle of friends were. Many people came and went away, and in the end I’m grateful to the ones that stayed. You’re absolutely correct when you say that the right people help you flourish. They need not be many in number, but they’re there for you and help you get through your hardest times. Protect yourself from people who try to put you down, who dim your light or give you any negative energies. Attempt to interact with new people and don’t feel disheartened by the lack of trustworthy friends. I’m sure there aren’t very many people who can boast of true friends. It is very rare to find genuinely caring, loving and trustworthy friends. But that doesn’t mean you give up on the idea of good people, because again they’re few in number, but they exist. You too shall find them !

Kashika @kashika

It does help us flourish to be honest. But it doesn’t mean it is absolutely necessary. You can be with yourself, you can be with your parents, you can have one or two “best” friends if you like, but never make it a compulsion that you NEED to have a good friend circle. That’s just an illusion the society has made you fall into.


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