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I don’t think anymore. I don’t like anything anymore. I got a text from him after two months . He is in a relationship with somebody yet he texted me . I was adamant that I wouldn’t talk to him this time and yet there I was, talking to him, telling him about my life as if nothing really happened. Why is it so hard to let go of people you love ?

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main anjaan @theaksh

You let go of him. But you are nit accepting this fact. I know it could be hard for you to do it… but sometimes we just lost control on our emotions and feelings. And then what you have done, happens…


i get it, sometimes those feelings they are just there and they don’t go away. Whatever you choose to do wt your life rn is solely your decision to make. It’s the same thing wt him. It’s okay to be confused and hurt all over again. it’s okay to reopen those wounds, but you can never heal those wounds if you continue to revisit all the things u could’ve done or should have done. Now, maybe it’s time to try to find yourself again. Take time to find out who you are, without him. Don’t be hard on yourself! Take care.☺️❤️


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