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Sam @sam66

I don’t really know how there is people who live their lives without that heavy feeling on their hearts… why do they get to live normally and I don’t? I know this is stupid to say but I just want to live without feeling like everything is so hard to do… even brushing my teeth seems so hard to do sometimes.

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Sam @sam66

I can’t even talk to anyone about it because I’m supposed to be the good daughter… the supporter sister. The perfect student… the friend who people vent to … anything other than that is not acceptable

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Ramya Mishra @rmy25

Maybe you are just watching positive sides of their life that is why like on social media everything is.fake everyone is going through same hardships its just a fabricated world… you have to observe that everyone is in the same line as you but what makes.them different is that they are willing to try again…


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