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I don’t really know how he feels now. The thought of him being together with someone else is killing me. I feel like from now he will pamper her like he used to do to me. Whenever such thoughts comes into my mind, I try to distract myself or I try to keep myself busy in doing something. But until when will I do this. I wish he had never came into my life. I just miss him so much.

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Joker 😈😈😈 @joker279

Keep doing whatever you are doing now. I mean getting involved in different things and keeps yourself distracted… don’t think about him at all. I will get better than him . Hope for it .
Look at the positive side that it’s better he left soon otherwise it would hurt more than now if he had left after sometime later…
You can move on . I know it’s hard but not impossible okay .
Best wishes for your life ahead… tk cr ks 🙏🤞😊

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Raghav @r4gh4v

Don’t disturb your peace over him dear!! These things work both ways… if he cares for you then he will make efforts to be with you… if he isn’t making any effort then just let him go… This feeling and pain will pass… just be strong…


If it was meant to be he would have stayed through anything. So just keep distracting yourself for now talk to other people who are close to you spend time with them and Have open thoughts one day you’ll meet a guy with whom you’ll get the same amount of love that you have given.


Agar vo mil bhi jaye to uss insaan ka kya kroge jo tumhe nahi chahta. Socha hai kbhi?
Khud pr thori to dya kro.

girl on fire @girlonfire

I feel you, and it’s hard 🥺. Head up and cry cause they don’t deserve our hearts or our time in our beautiful minds.

zaika @_idontknow

I feel you and I am crying for the same reason right now, he ll take her to places where we used to go, he ll be there for her like he was w me. I don’t kw this really feels shity and I totally get u


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