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I don’t really have any friends, we’ll I use to have four best friends two years ago but then we had a falling out and we’re not that close any more. Two of them are still best friend and I talk to them everyone now and then. Apart from that I don’t really have anyone to count on or call up tiochat with, or go to the movies together.

I feel extremely lonely and can’t help but think no one wants to be friends with me despite my attempts.

I’ve actually just finished school and applying to uni maybe next year and yesterday we were suppose to have a class outing. I really wanted to go but was too self conscious. We were suppose to have lunch and them spend the day at the beach. But I didn’t go because I didn’t anticipate anyone to see the acne scars on my back and I didn’t feel comfortable in a swimsuit. And I was also scared that I would ot have anyone to hang out with. So I didn’t go and now I see people posting about their afternoon on their status’ and I cannot help but feel sad.


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Go out and meet new people. Don’t miss out on the next outing if you have. Also , remember you can make friends at University.


Be brave and go out. Its a message for you and me. Don’t think of how will it gonna be it will make you think negative things. Hope you can get connect with people in the future.


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