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I dont like anything…everybody ditch me.
No body is true person…everybody is fake.
I hate being my self.i had chances to groom myself but I didn’t done anything about it .o waste all of my life …i didn’t join any classes & club.
Why I am living in this world.

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Avtar @avtar

If you have vision for your life and targets too then go for it. And if you don’t have then decide your target 1st and make it real.


hey bro first of all you have to change your thoughts. There are 7 billions peoples in world and if someone ditches or hates you doesnt mean you can’t live a happier life . Everyone choice is different you have to accept not everyone gonna like you or you wont get everything you like, you have a make a compromise in life and the thing is you can only help you, you can only permanently love you because peoples love others on behalf of getting some profits. so take a deep breathe drink enough water spend most of your time with families share your problems with friends. . create a hobby . Sun will always rise even if the night it too dark. .


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