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I don’t know why people bother becoming parents when they can’t do their job.
How can a mother be so ruthless? How can a mother be so heartless?
All my life I have been abused by her, cursed by her and told all sorts of things.
Even in sickness, when others are extra caring, my mom still abuses me. It’s so hard to live with her. Every single family member is suffering because of the way she is.
I have suicidal feelings. My heart hurts and I don’t know when things will end.
How can someone you love, hurt you so much? So much that death seems better than life. 😣

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I know how it feels when the person you love the most hurts you the most and that too when its your parent. I have also gone through this and know how bad it feels when you re treated like that. But, thinking to end your life because of that one person is just not right. Think of the ones who truly love you and care for you and how they all will be affected.
Believe that its just a part of life and it will end someday and surely it will. I know saying things is easy but thinking positive is the best we can do in these situations. Believe me theres always something to learn from these things.
I would also suggest you to keep yourself busy by reading books you like or books on inner peace to overcome these sucidial thoughts or any kind of random thoughts that is affecting you.
Hope this message helps you😀.
Be safe
Be positive😊
Take care😀


Thank you so much for your kind words!


It was the least I could do😀😊

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Hey pal.
I truly know what you feel like.
when you love someone unconditionally and ask for nothing in return it gives them the right to walk all over you.
Make yourself successful
Make yourself happy
This will help you in the future because you will remember only the good things… that was being with your friend and that is…


Thank you for hearing me out and responding!


Same story. My dad died broken heartedbecause of my mom. And she still understand what’s wrong with her


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