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I don’t know why I feel this towards my love ones, Im so afraid that I might hurt the people I love. Idk why why my mind think this way maybe its my fault or maybe because I experience traumatic moments that Ive experience.

When I tried to open up to my Mom, she accepted me and I felt happy but few days later I suddenly get anxious if my mom really did accept me?? or not?? my mind always think negatively which it can make me feel more miserable, Im so scared what if those words were not true?? but its my mom?? she is the one who gave birth to me…so I need to believe the words of my love ones. But is not that I dont believe it is just that making sure of it idk why…, i keep thinking about it and trying to to keep it postive but nooo. If people talk nicely to me my mind misunderstand it and think it that it was lie.

i need help, im afraid.

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Don’t afraid because she is the only one who know you completely so go and talk to your mom it makes you feeling better


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