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i don’t know why but i cant really take my pregnant sister anymore her mood swing. she just keeps on shouting at me and i really hate it because she is being a perfectionist she wants everything to be tidy and organized i do the things she tell me but she will always end up telling me that i did it badly she does not even know how much i struggle just to keep my anger because she is always going below the belt she always keep on saying that i should keep it simple i am not like her i hate to say this but i find it a bit weird that she is not into movies traveling and many social activities and sarcasm.

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Hey! I can understand your frustration, there are a lot of things we wanna say but simply can’t and that itself is very frustrating. To top it off you are going out of your way for her. I know its very tough but please bear with her. Because its not her, but her hormones shouting at you. At her stage, it is very normal to feel that irritability, she’s herself not in her control. But I’m sure its just a matter of a couple of months. Whenever you feel too frustrated, talk to your friends or come and vent here, I’m here to listen to anything and everything you have to say, take care you got this <3


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